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Stop taking 5 capsules a day for your fish oil, vitamin D and vitamin E. Just one teaspoon of NanoEPA will give you all of your daily needs!

Studies have shown that essential fatty acids (EFAs) – especially omega-3 EFAs – can reduce inflammation and improve your immune system and brain function. However, the best way to get omega-3 EFAs is by eating wild, fatty fish or taking large unpleasant-tasting fish oil pills. Now there is an alternative: nanoEPADHA™, a delicious, omega-3 fish oil with Vitamin D and E complex and tocotrienols. It's like dessert on a spoon. And best part of all, absolutely ZERO FISH BURPS!


300% More Absorbable than Fish Oil Pills

To get you the greatest benefits from NanoEPADHA™, BioPharma breaks down the fish oil and vitamins D & E into very tiny droplets. This process – combined with our SuperSorb® delivery system – means better absorption, and therefore the health benefits may be increased by up to 300%!

8 Types of Viatmin E Helps Protect and Absorb!

Even the best fish oils can easily become unstable (oxidized), both in the bottle and in the body. However, NanoEPADHA™ is fortified with the antioxidant protection of eight different kinds of vitamin E, which are mixed for maximum absorption, protection and benefit.

The benefits of omega-3 from fish oil have been touted by the medical community for years. By combining omega-3 fish oil with Vitamins D and E in addition to Tocotrienols, we were able to create NanoEPADHA™ to support:
· Radiant skin, hair and nails
· Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
· Balanced hormones
· Improved joint function
· Healthy heart and brain
· Powerful antioxidant protection
· Healthy immune function
· Prevention of chronic inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and uncontrolled cell growth.

Nano EPA Ingredients

NanoEPADHA provides in every great tasting tsp:

• 360 mg EPA/DHA
• Emulsified for up to 300% more absorption
• + 500 IU emulsified vitamin D
• + All 8 Vitamin E’s
• + MaxPure™ Process
? No heavy metals
? No PDBs/ Dioxins
? No contaminants

Nano EPA ingredients

Frequently asked questions

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To better prove that NanoEPADHA is of the highest purity , we provide the following report and independent analysis results below.

 Certiifcate of Analysis (29 KB)

NSF Heavy Metal Test

NanoEPADHA is manufactured in a cGMP & FDA approved facility.
The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. BioPharma’s products are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease.





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  • nanoEPADHA®

    Nutrition Science on emulsified fish oil, DHA, Vitamin D and Vitamin E Complex

    NanoEPADHA is a unique combination of EPA/DHA in a naturally occurring ratio, plus vitamin D3 and all 8 biologically active forms of vitamin E, all in an emulsified formula that greatly enhances absorption of all these fat soluble nutrients while simultaneously providing a smooth creamy texture. Provided below is a small portion of the supporting science behind this surprisingly delicious formula. NanoEPADHA is a perfect demonstration of our slogan, Better Taste ~ Better Science!

    Download the study on how Tocotrienols are proven to prevent pancreatic cancer.

    Download the study on Tocotrienols and the skin/anti-cancer benefits

    Download the study on how Tocotrienols reduce tryglyceride levels.


    The omega-3 fatty acid alpha lipoic acid from plants (like flaxseed) is an essential fatty acid. Are EPA/ DHA from fish also essential? In his article in the International Health News, Issue 103, July 2000, Hans R. Larsen, MSc, ChE, presents why he thinks they should be considered so given all their benefits.
     Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients (49 KB)



    USDA and HHS Guidelines Call for More Fish. But What Seafood is Both Good for You and Good for the Environment?
    The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture Dietary Guidelines (17 KB)



    An article by Dr. Maher on how emulsification enhances absorption of oils like fish oil, but also vitamins D and E.
    Enhancing Absorption of Fish Oil by Emulsification (215 KB)



    The “secret’ behind NanoEPADHA smooth texture, easy mixing and greater absorption is emulsification. The enhanced bioavailability of emulsified fish oil is discussed in J Am Diet Assoc. 2009 Jun;109(6):1076-81.
     Enhanced absorption of n-3 fatty acids from emulsified compared with encapsulated fish oil (13 KB)



    A 2007 study in the Journal Nutrition concludes, “Pre-emulsification of an oil mixture prior to ingestion increases the absorption of longer chain more highly unsaturated fatty acids especially eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid ( EPA & DHA)
     Improved absorption of omega-3 fatty acids by pre-emulsification (11 KB)



    Another study on the effect of pre-emulsification of omega-3 fatty acids on the bioavailability of EPA and DHA
    Gastric stable emulsions provide increased bioavailability of long chain Omega-3 fatty acids (8 KB)



    New research from Queen Mary, University of London and Harvard Medical School shows how DHA promotes the body's production of Resolvin D2 which helps control joint inflammation (arthritis).
    Body Manufactures Potent Anti-inflammatory Using DHA in Fish Oils (73 KB)



    The ACJN states that over half of adolescents are low in Vitamin D and at risk for osteoporosis and other immune related problems later in life in later life.
     American Kids at Risk for Low Vit D Levels (20 KB)



    A study has linked low vitamin D levels in mothers to a five-fold increased risk of pre-eclampsia, a serious complication in pregnancy which can lead to fetal death.
    Low vitamin D linked to Pre-eclampsia (10 KB)



    Vitamin E complex comes in 8 forms, 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta & gamma) and 4 tocotrionols (alpha, beta, delta & gamma). Learn more about tocotrienols.
    Health Benefits of Tocotrionols (25 KB)



    This report on research published in J Alzheimer Dis. July 2010 examines the association between plasma levels of eight forms of vitamin E (alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta- isomers of tocotrienols and tocopherols) and incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in elderly adults.
    Higher Vitamin E Complex Levels Drop Alzheimer's Risk (14 KB)



    This report from studies done at Tuft’s University and reported in The Journal of Nutrition, demonstrates how tocotrienols from the vitamin E complex boost immunity in the aged.
    Tocotrionols Boost Immunity (11 KB)



    The link between Vitamin E and cancer benefits has received extra backing from a new study, which found that a mix of different forms of the vitamin helped prevent prostate tumor growth in mice.
    Mixed Tocotrienols Inhibit Prostate Carcinogenesis in TRAMP Mice (30 KB)



    Supplements of vitamin E tocotrienols may improve symptoms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease according to the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (ASSLD).
     Tocotrienols may protect against fatty liver (7 KB)


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    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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