Complete Chelated MultiMinerals Formula

Your body cannot create minerals and you may not be getting enough from the foods you eat. Even if you are eating tons of leafy greens soil depletion and a lack of variety or time can mean missing out on some good minerals that keep your body performing at it’s best. Mineral powder helps you improve body processes such as metabolism, hydration, and improved muscle function. Some of the noticeable effects of having the correct minerals in your body include reduced cravings, better sleep, and better performance for athletes.

Nanominerals multi mineral powder provides the perfect multi mineral solution and comes in a delicious light berry flavor. We partnered with albion minerals which is a world leader in chelated minerals to ensure the highest quality possible. We are proud to be the only company in the world that can offer you chelated minerals in a powder form. Our SuperSorb technology ensures are not just pouring minerals through your body but truly absorbing these chelated minerals into your body to get all the benefits you are looking for. We recommend you “shake it as you take it” to keep the mineral powder evenly distributed and the drink nice and frothy.

Enhanced Absorbtion

The beauty of nanominerals is that we not only give you a form that’s absorbable, we make sure to give you the complete spectrum of minerals that we are most deficient in, from the purest sourcing in the world. We offer 12 minerals in each packet, while other mineral supplements offer only one or two at a time.

So how do we enhance the absorption?

Through a process called chelation, which simply means attaching it to an amino acid so that the body utilize it.

Product Benefits:

Did you know? Minerals are the catalyst to every cell function in your body. Essentially, they are the spark that puts everything into “drive”. We’re talking about cells, tissues, organs, and the whole organism! Without minerals we could not twitch an eyelid, form a thought or fixate oxyen, and our hearts cannot beat. That’s why they are so important and vital for health. The list of benefits are miles long, but here’s just a few that nanominerals provides:

nanominerals supports:

  • Cellular function*
  • Immunity*
  • Muscle function*
  • Heart function/heart contraction*
  • Activation of the white and red blood cells*
  • Skin hydration and elasticity*
  • Antioxidant protection*
  • Better energy*
  • Better sleep*
  • Lower stress levels *
  • More calm stabilized feeling*
  • Less cravings/stable blood sugar/better metabolism function*
  • Support in weight loss *
  • Improved muscle function, hydration, recovery *

NanoMinerals Ingredients



nanominerals have:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Maganese
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Molybdenum
  • Broron
  • Vanadium

- nanominerals utilizes cutting-edge SuperSorb®; Enhanced Delivery Systems to provide superior bioavailability.

- nanominerals powder mixes easily and is great tasting in pure, cold water.

- nanominerals is made with organic ingredients, is a 100% natural, vegan formula of the highest purity, quality, and potency.

- nanominerals is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP (NNFA - A rated), Organic & FDA approved facility.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. naominerals is not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


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     - Quality Statement
     - cGMP
     - EFSA 
     - Kosher
     - Halal
     - TRAACS  FT-IR



Reviewer: Hilary B  

My hair and nails have never been stronger since taking nanominerals.  I love it!

Reviewer: Brian F  

I work out a lot and I notice a difference when I don t use this product before my workouts.  I am much stronger when I do use it and I don t get as sore after my workouts.

Reviewer: Erin  

I have never reviewed a product before  but I have to tell everyone about this product.  At first I had to get used to the taste of it  but I knew it was working  so I stuck with it.  I do a lot of hot yoga and when I take minerals before and after yoga  I feel amazing!  When I forget them  I tend to not be as strong in my practice.  I am so grateful for the Biopharma products!  I use nanoreds with nanominerals and I am addicted to nanolean!

Reviewer: Anthony  
I am a triathlete and I couldn t do it without this product and nanoreds.  I have some pretty tough workouts and my recovery is so important to my success.  Thank you for your amazing products.


Reviewer: Gloria  
I have never had strong nails.  I started taking nanominerals and that completely changed in about a month!  I took it twice a day and my nails have never been more beautiful!  I only give it 4 stars because it doesn t taste like ice cream.  It isn t terrible.


Reviewer: Jenny  

I do spin class and before nanominerals  my results were so-so.  Since I added these and nanoreds into my water bottle during class  I am ALWAYS in the top 3 women in the class.  I can t live without them!

Reviewer: Gloria R  

I get really bad cravings in the evenings.  I was told I might be deficient in minerals.  I starting taking these because my chiropractor told me to try them.  Much to my surprise  I no longer crave anything late at night!  I have also lost about 7 pounds in a month.

Reviewer: Patty M  

My nails and hair are so strong after starting to use minerals.  I mix them with 2oz of fresh OJ and 2 oz of water and chug them.

Reviewer: Thomas B  
I learned long ago that centrum and other mass marketed vitamin and mineral pills don t do much for your health.  It is amazing the difference it makes when you get something that actually does work.  My skin looks better and I feel like I can keep up with people 10 years younger than me in the gym.  I also use nanogreens  pro and EPA to get the full effect and I have never felt better.









  • nanominerals are:

    • CAS registered
    • hypoallergenic
    • vegetarian/vegan friendly
    • nutritionally functional
    • of ultimate glycine:mineral molar ratio
    • BSE free
    • pharmaceutically pure
    • chemically validated (FTIR finger printed)
    • clinically researched
    • highly bioavailable
    • created to have no side effects
    • created to not react with other nutrients
    • created for a therapeutic affect

    Years of extensive research, clinical analysis, third-party critiques and careful laboratory manufacturing enable Albion to produce a highly effective and fully reacted chelate. In fact, Albion is the only chelate manufacturer that can scientifically prove their molecular structure by identifying a unique “fingerprint” for each molecule they develop.


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    NanoPro travel packs -12 servings
    Chelated Mineral Powder


    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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