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You live an active lifestyle and with that come aches and pains. Exercise and physical activities may cause sore muscles and joints, but that's not going to stop you from playing hard!

Now, BioPharma Scientific offers a natural, FDA-approved topical pain relief gel: NanoRelief®.


Get Powerful Pain Relief Quickly without the Overpowering Smell

There are several pain relieving gels on the market, but many of the effective ones have an overpowering smell, letting everyone around you know that you have aching muscles. Now you can get powerful pain relief without the unpleasant smell with NanoRelief®. Its pleasant scent comes from the natural remedies from plant extracts that have been used for centuries to relieve pain.

Natural Pain Relief for Sore Muscles and Aching Joints

NanoRelief™ pain relief gel contains 42% more of its active ingredient (menthol) than the leading pain relief gel, but is free of artificial preservatives, fragrance, coloring and any diluting agents. Thanks to the incorporation of our unique SuperSorb® delivery system, NanoRelief™ quickly absorbs into your skin so you get fast relief from your aches and pains. SuperSorb® also helps the relief last longer by allowing the NanoRelief™ to penetrate deeper into your skin than any other pain relieving gels.
Our FDA-approved pain relieving gel is great for:
NanoRelief™ can also be used as a post-exercise treatment to prevent sore muscles before you start to get sore!

Start Treating Your Sore Joints and Muscles Today

Don't wait until you are already in pain to get NanoRelief®. Ask your licensed health care professional about NanoRelief or contact us today to learn more about our natural pain relief gel.

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NanoReleif Pain Gel


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