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I love NanoGreens10 for both my patients and myself. Everyone that I have suggested NanoGreens10 to has really loved it. You truly feel great in many ways after using NanoGreens regularly. You will feel more energetic, better gastrointestinal regulation, and some say they have even noticed a new glow in their skin. Some have noticed some weight loss. What can be better for you than a tremendous dose of fruits and vegetables like this? And it is conveniently packaged into one easy to prepare shake for those of us who are on the go. Not to mention, it tastes great!


Carisa Pearce, MD
Reading, PA



My wife and I have been in the medical profession for over 20 years. We practice what we preach. Besides competing in marathons we make it part of our every day life to spend at least one hour exercising for our health and well being. Nutrition is the other half of the equation. My wife and I stumbled across NanoGreens10 and decided to try it. Four weeks after taking it I began to have more energy. NanoGreens10 definitely made a difference! We have also shared some NanoGreens10 with others and they love it too. They are continually asking for more !!!

Raul Gamez, RCP/RRT
Oceanside, CA



This is the best tasting green product I've ever had and all with just stirring with water! My husband will even drink this on his own in the mornings. I love the mix of ingredients and know I'm healthier from the anti-oxidant power. One patient who travels constantly loves the convenience of NanoGreens10 (Travel Packets). Thank you.

Nancy Kreider, Licensed Acupuncturist
Longview, WA



"I received the 7 day sample packs and "WOW!"; this is a GREAT product! I cannot wait to give my patients, family, and friends a sample pack! They will undoubtedly have the same reaction and will want to purchase more. Thank you for creating such a healthly and great tasting product to promote health."


Ronald E. Mangie, Jr., D.C.
Youngstown, OH




"I have been using NanoGreens10 in my office for over 2 years. It has increased my energy two-fold and has even actually decreased some grey hair that I have in the past been having. My patients love the taste and usually put a standing order for the next batch that we order so they are assured to get one. My patients feel the results of that much nutrition! Really a phenomenal product!"

Sean Eastman, DC, CCEP, CSFC, CCSP
Toms River, NJ 08755




"As Admissions Director for the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, I have had many opportunities to try many natural supplements. I must admit that I have had the most results from NanoGreens10! During a two week trial period, I felt fantanstic. I had much more energy. I could sleep better. I could digest better. And my clothes seemed to fit better! "

"I am convinced that my logical thought processes and emotional patterns were also improved. I cannot wait to get started on a lifetime regimen of this wonderful product!"

Jon Diament, Admissions Director for the Florida College of Integrative Medicine
Orlando, FL



"I have been using NanoGreens10 for my patients for the last 6 months. This is an excellent product that allows patients with significant health problems to improve their nutritional status in an agreeable way. A product that makes compliance easy is very valuable. Poor compliance with regimens that only emphasize highly refined nutritional sources in capsules is difficult for most patients to use on a sustained basis."

"The patients are delighted to incorporate a food product into their regimen. I have been able to limit the total number of therapeutic agents in capsule form by substituting NanoGreens10. NanoGreens10 have become an important part of my nutritional support regimen."

Warren M. Ross, M.D.
Ellicott City, MD



My patient diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is using NanoGreens10 twice daily and reports that "everything is working better and I feel I have a new lease on life!"

Dr. Beth Davis
Madras, OR


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I have been so impressed with NanoGreens10. I have tried many 'greens powders'. Now, I cannot do without my NanoGreens! It keeps my energy up thru long days.

The patient that convinced me how great NanoGreens10 really is has multiple chemical sensitivities. She tastes a lot of things that she smells, even perfume! Since being on this product she no longer tastes these chemicals, after 15 years. Amazing! ".

Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski, NMD.
Farmerville, LA


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"The ever expanding appreciation concerning the import of natural plant-based nutrients compounds in the optimal genetic expression of our diverse biochemical, cellular and organ systems is no longer controversial. We are part of Nature. We now see that her vast array of nutriture is indispensable to garnering our full genetic potential. I have yet to see a plant-based supplement with the quantity, quality, and system of delivery as NanoGreens10 in my 25 years of practice. "

Eric Olkkola, DC, CCST, C.Ad. MD, ABAAHP
Reno, NV,


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"NanoGreens10 is by far the best alternative supplement I've found to be biochemically comparable to the real source. I would recommend this product for anybody who wants to add nutritional support for themselves and their patients. Thank you for your research and technology to keep up with today's health demands."

Brooksie Ash,DC,RD,LDN
Houma, LA


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"I use NanoGreens10 for three reasons: First, it tastes good and makes me feel good. Second, my research proves your product is the best, and third, BioPharma could answer all my questions. My patients love the taste and the energy. Personally, I have more energy, better bowels and clearer thinking. In the past I have taken many vitamins and several greens products, but NanoGreens10 is the best yet. I am proud to recommend NanoGreens10 to my patients and am pleased with their expressed satisfaction as well."

Dr. Shawn Lorenzen
Rohnert, CA


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"Since I have introduced NanoGreens10 to my patients I have had a hard time keeping it in stock! My patient compliance to their nutritional program has sky rocketed. They love the results...thank you for such a "user friendly" supplement. "

Dr. Laurie Mestdagh
Columbia, IL


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"When I look for products to provide to my patients I like to do my due diligence and research the company, their choice of ingredients, and their manufacturing process before I introduce it into my practice. I was very pleased and impressed to find that BioPharma Scientific has spared no expense in creating NanoGreens10. The team of prominent MD's, PhD's, DC's, and CCN's on the Board of Advisors is not commonly seen in the supplement industry and the ingredients are of superior quality. In addition, NanoGreens10 is manufactured in a cGMP, ISO9001, FDA, and organic approved facility. "

Ron Rothenberg, MD.
Founder, California HealthSpan Institute
Encinitas, CA


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