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7 Doctors boast about Nanogreens for energy

By on May 28, 2014

My patients tell me they love the extra energy boost they get from NanoGreens10, Fruits and Vegetables to the Power of 10. They look happier, crave less sugar, and are able to exercise more. It’s often difficult for them to get enough high-quality fruits and vegetables in their diets- NanoGreens10 makes it easy for them! I feel this is the most important product I could provide for my patients.”

Chantelle DeShazer, L.Ac. Dipl. N.B.A.O
San Diego, CA



“Trying NanoGreens10 personally and recommending it to my patients, I soon realized that NanoGreens10 is special…My son was falling asleep in school and failing. Now he is alert and doing much better. NanoGreens10 is worth the price!”

Dr. Mitchell Ezrin
Commack, NY



Just to let you know I feel NanoGreens10 is excellent. I have been taking it now for 2 weeks and feel more energized. A “side effect” is I am less hungry and have lost 10 pounds without trying! Thank you! I am now recommending it to all my patients.

Dr. Jeff Finkelstein
Baldwin, NY



“I have tried many greens products and very few that have had any effect on me. I was told that NanoGreens10 is different so I gave it a shot. Through out the rest of the day I felt a boost of energy. Since I have been taking it I have noticed a big difference in energy and I have been sick less. The product tastes great in water and mixes well in my shakes. I have just placed another order!”

Dr. Steven Zeitchick
Boca Raton, Florida



” I have been drinking green drinks for a lot of years. As soon as I tried NanoGreens10 I knew immediately that this was special! There is really no comparison. The taste and the energy is wonderful! I feed my dogs an all natural Biological Active Raw Food Diet (B.A.R.F.). They eat better then most humans. I added 1/2 scoop of NanoGreens10 to their food twice a day and they absolutely love it.Then they try to get my drink! I highly recommend this for anyone who is health conscious and wants more clean energy.”

Gale Sansone , Holistic Health Counselor
Kailua Kona, Hawaii



NanoGreens10 provides a better wake-up than coffee as testified by most of my patients. They use it first in the morning and anytime they start to ‘drag’ a little during the day.”

Darlene Esposito, D.C
Manheim, PA

“I faithfully take NanoGreens10 in the AM with my vitamins. The boost allows me to begin my day with energy, vitality, and no food cravings! In the late afternoon – when I need a burst of energy – I again take NanoGreens. No longer am I starving around 7 PM. Evenings are my weak point to eat and because of NanoGreens I am able to control my evening snack habit. My skin appears brighter and my eyes have a sparkle!

In my Medical Aesthetics practice, taking care of patients before and after plastic surgery, I have the opportunity to incorporate NanoGreens10 in my food plan. A healthy patient heals faster! Thank you!

Joyce Weaver
San Diego, CA



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