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Fitness Model uses NanoGreens for energy, nutrition and fat loss

By on May 28, 2014

bThorsch“I switched to NanoGreens10 from another GREENS 3 weeks prior to the 2005 Sacramento Pro Fitness contest. I have been an avid user of another GREENS for a few years and loved the results I gained from it. In the few months prior to sampling NanoGreens10 for the first time, I noticed a significant down grade in the effect of my FirstGREENS as well as the taste. (This was after you and Dr Howe had left that company). The taste of NanoGreens10 is not even comparable to other products on the market, not to mention the LIVE nutrient ratio is greater than any other.”

“NanoGreens not only provides my body with the energy I need to perform at my optimal level but supplies my body with the necessary nutrients to keep my immune system strong. It has such a low calorie content and sugar content which enables me to integrate it into my fat loss program.”

“Another large factor in my career as a professional athlete, spokes model and model is my appearance. NanoGreens10 helps keep my hair, skin and nails strong and I am constantly asked how to maintain these things as they are normally the first indicators which show a lack of nutrients present in the body.I start every morning with my NanoGreens10 and it is reassuring to know my body is supplied with such high grade nutrients to keep my body and mind functioning at my best each and everyday.”

Brittany Thorsch, IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor/ Model
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer/ Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Owner of Brick Bodies, Fitness and Image Consulting

“As a professional athlete and fitness model, I love the instant energy I get from NanoGreens10! The product helps to provide me the nutritional foundation I can count on, especially when competing and having a busy travel schedule.

It is assuring to know I am getting the variety of phytonutrients equal to 10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables from a product I can trust. I would highly recommend NanoGreens10 to athletes and non athletes alike.”

Anna Larsson, IFBB Figure Pro Champion Athlete and Fitness Model
Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Athletic Trainer

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