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US Cycling Team raves about Nanogreens

By on May 28, 2014

bmcteam“As a member of the BMC pro cycling team, I spend up to 100 days a year living on the road. One of the most challenging aspects of traveling/racing on the road is how and where to get a good nutritious meal. Often times quick and convenient food takes the place of real food. Having NanoGreens10 as one of my traveling staples, I feel confident that my body is getting the nutrients it needs.”

Scott Moninger
BMC Pro Cycling Team

Scott was the NCR US points Champ – 2005, Tour of Utah, Winner- 2006, Yellow Jersey for 2 stages of the Redlands Classic -2007. He’s currently has the most wins of any active pro rider with 271 career wins…at the age of 40!
Here are more testimonials from the BMC Pro Cycling Team:

“I’ve been getting 2 scoops of Nanogreens in me everyday since you introduced them to us at team camp. I love it! I’ve been adding a little apple juice to the mix, about 1/4 ratio to water, with a little ice. It’s part of my morning routine and my mid-afternoon post ride recovery routine. I think it really helps getting those antioxidents in me. Thanks for getting me acquainted! It’s a true romance!” – Jake Rosenberger

“What do I need to do for more Nanogreens. I am hooked!” – Dan Schmatz

“Thank you so much for supporting BMC, inside and out! The NanoGreens10 have been a savior while on the road racing and traveling. The rigors of being a professional athlete sometimes take their toll. But NanoGreens10 have made it possible to insure a good dose of daily greens despite any circumstance. I have noticed an overall increase in my energy level and general sense of well being. Thanks so much!” – Scott Nydam

“I think NanoGreens10 has been an excellent product to help me stay healthy and energized during my hard training sessions and more importantly while I travel on the road. It is always hard to get good healthy food intake while staying in hotels and NanoGreens10 really helps combat that problem.” – Michael Sayers

“The NanoGreens are great. I think you can tell if a supplement is working if you start craving it, if your body starts craving it. That’s where I’m at, every morning I crave my cup of NanoGreens10. It is one of the best, most beneficial supplements I have ever tried!” – Chad Hartley

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